Monday, February 18, 2013

SUNY Master Degree Survey Results

Below feedback from our UEC at NIST SUNY cohort alumni! We were happy to hear back from our graduates, and they are doing well. We submitted a survey for our students to complete and provide feedback on how they thought the SUNY Master Degree was.

Review the results of the education survey and see what they are doing and thinking about the program they completed with us:

Would you say that the degree has helped you in your career   path in education?
Yes it has helped me secure good work in education. 46.2%
Yes it has helped me secure better paying work in education. 46.2%
Other responses 23.1%
  • It was helpful in a way that I can find a better job outside education, too.
  • I’m hoping it will help me gain my next appointment
  • The degree improves my knowledge which is highly applicable to my job as a school administrator.

Are you employed as an administrator or as a teacher?
I am employed as a teacher. 75.0%
I am a teacher with some administrative duties. 16.7%
I am employed as an administrator. 8.3%

If you are currently working at an educational institution, what kind of school is it?
Thai private/Catholic school international   program 15.4%
Proprietary international school in Thailand 23.1%
Proprietary international school overseas 15.4%
Board governed international school in   Thailand 15.4%
Board governed international school 7.7%
School in your native country 15.4%
University 7.7%

5. Looking back at the time and financial commitment of this graduate degree program, has the SUNY Master degree been worth it to you and would you recommend it to others?

Yes it has and I would recommend it to   others who want to get ahead in education. 100.0%

6. If you feel comfortable sharing your current school name and country with us, please let us know where in the world you are these days.

  • I worked at the Stenden Rangsit University, Thailand. Then I moved on to work in a 5-star resort, called the Fusion Maia Da Nang, Central Vietnam.
  • ISS International School of Singapore
  • Yokohama International School, Japan
  • Bangkok Christian College Bangkok, Thailand
  • New International School of Thailand, Thailand
  • Riverdale Collegiate, Canada
  • NSIS, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Denla Kindergarten School, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • International Community School Bangna Bangkok Thailand
  • Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand
  • The American School of Marrakesh, Morocco

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